Regardless if you are starting up a business or have already been sailing through the entrepreneurship waters for a while, you probably know that high-quality keeping of the books of accounts is an important segment of a company or sole proprietorship. You have to make it somehow through this jungle of laws, regulations and taxes, and this will be easier to accomplish if you have a proper bookkeeping service that will provide high-quality bookkeeping, be your business, financial and tax advisor, and will always be available if you need an advice.
A quality bookkeeper cannot significantly influence the company’s growth and development, because these are, after all, mostly influenced by the entrepreneurship’s decisions. However, on the other hand, it is known for a fact that an unprofessional bookkeeping service can cause huge damage and, in extreme cases, it may even lead to the company’s failure. Hence, what are you waiting for? Contact us with confidence!
Our offer includes full-service bookkeeping, accounting, tax and business consultancy, as well as communication and cooperation with the competent authorities.
Moreover, we can provide e-business service (e-tax system) and communicate with you via email, and we can additionally arrange for a physical delivery of documents required for the entry. We can communicate in English and Italian.
And you will be able to just relax and do what you like to do!!!
Informative price list of basic services, with contract, bank transfer payment: Price Time frame
craft (not a VAT) with no employees 500,00 kn monthly
craft (not a VAT) up to 2 employees 650,00 kn monthly
Crafts (in VAT) with no employees 700,00 kn monthly
Crafts (in VAT) up to 2 employees 900,00 kn monthly
Crafts - subject to income tax (Gainers) 1.200,00 kn monthly
free profession (not a VAT) with no employees 450,00 kn monthly
free profession (in VAT) with no employees 750,00 kn monthly
company (up to 2 employees - not a VAT) 800,00 kn monthly
company (up to 2 employees - in the system of VAT) 1.000,00 kn monthly
When the number of employees is greater than the above, for each additional employee is accounted 80,00 kn monthly
Making calculations and accessions of goods, leading retail and wholesale - in addition to the base price on request monthly
Shipping documents for posting - in the City of Pula 20,00 kn upon delivery
Shipping documents for posting - in the local municipalities and cities 50,00 kn upon delivery
Preservation and storage of documentation prior to last year, regardless of the amount 200,00 kn yearly
Going to terrain on remand 100,00 kn on hour
Annual taxes for citizens outside the VAT system 50,00 kn one time
Closing the year for all businesses, crafts and freelance professions:                               customers who regularly pay their bills, this service will be offer free 1 monthly instalment one time
All prices are without VAT. It is necessary to add a 25% tax.    

The above prices are valid subject to the compliance with the contract’s terms and conditions; otherwise, the charging terms provided by the Contract will be applied. The above indicated prices are indicative only and the final prices will be established in the contract, provided that a contract is entered into after conducting an informational interview.
IMPORTANT: we undertake to submit to the state authorities in a timely manner only such documents delivered by the 15th day of the month for the previous month. The remaining documents will be subsequently submitted and you will be solely responsible for any consequences in case of late submission or failure to submit. Those who know that they cannot meet this requirement should not contact us. We want to be up-to-date and perform the tasks in a timely manner, and we can only succeed if you cooperate.
We have high-quality, qualified and trained employees and state-of-the-art program solutions that provide full bookkeeping and accounting services. If you opt for our offer, we guarantee a service fully harmonized with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Croatia. We will manage your business books and finances according to the detailed instructions of the Tax Authority and other state authorities, thus allowing your firm to dedicate itself entirely to its primary business activity.
Don’t waste your time with the huge amount of our laws. Leave things into the hands of professionals and relax!
Are you choosing an accountant for the first time?
What type of company to register? You are not familiar with the difference and everybody thinks to know what the smartest choice for you is. This is exactly why you do not ask advice from friends, but from professionals. It is our long-term experience, knowledge and accuracy that make us qualified. We can inform you about all advantages, responsibilities and risks of starting up your own business.
Keep in mind that your bookkeeping service is not just a necessary evil, but rather a valuable financial advisor and a useful ally of your business strategy. After starting up your business and directing your creative abilities to the most successful possible business outcomes, the next phase of our relationship begins. We call this phase the registration of changes in your business. You should provide us with bookkeeping records (invoices, licences, contracts) within the agreed terms, and we will register them in a manner provided by law and based on them prepare all required financial statements and calculations.
You are not satisfied with your current accountant service?
You don’t get the desired information on time and you find incomprehensible the pieces of information you eventually get? Incorrectly and untimely processed documents? The competent institutions make your ordinary business activities more difficult because of the inaccurate work of your accountant? You think that the service that you pay for is not complete? Based on our experience, we can state that the statutory rules are fixed and inflexible, but the relationship with the client must be flexible. Our work does not only include the recording of business changes. Hence we insist on good communication, because it is the only way to achieve favourable solutions for both parties.
In general
An important part of our offer is certainly the submission of all monthly, semi-annual and annual reports to tax and other authorities. The offer also includes the communication with the tax authority on your behalf. We provide assistance the future entrepreneurs and sole proprietors in all stages of a business start-up. We direct you to the competent institutions and advise you in order for the business activities to start as smoothly as possible. We make efforts to take the weight off your shoulders to the maximum extent, in order for you to be able to do freely your part of job. Our duty is to take care of the administration and regulations and to be at your disposal in order for you to be as successful as possible on your business path.